Detailed cancellation policy
The contract can be cancelled within two weeks in writing (e.g. e-mail or letter) or by returning the product in its original condition and packaging to us via mail. The two-week deadline starts on the day that you receive the products. If the buyer submits a cancellation in writing and has already received the goods he is required to return these to LIKA MIMIKA GmbH within seven days.

In the case of goods that were damaged during shipping the customer is required to inform us immediately or at the latest within one day and return the goods within seven days. The written notification of goods damaged during shipping should be directed to: Lika Mimika GmbH, Schmidtstraße 12, 60326 Frankfurt, Germany.

The right of cancellation does not apply for customized goods, goods that were designed by customer specifications or that were clearly customized for a specific customer. The cancellation right also does not apply for international shipping to destinations that are not accepted by the German „Distance Selling Act“.

Additional return policy terms
In case of a successful cancellation or return all benefits received by either side should be returned. If goods are not returned in the same condition as originally shipped you will be required to compensate the loss in value. This does not apply if you deny acceptance of delivery through our parcel service and therefore never handle the goods or accept ownership of the goods. The customer will have to cover the costs for return shipping as long as the order is correct and did not get damaged during shipping.


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